We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."




The title for this website came from a song by The Eagles called “The Sad Cafe.” The song was used in a slideshow that was played at a convocation my senior year in college at Erskine College. I remember sitting ’til the wee hours talking about anything and nothing. We believed we could change the world back then.

After 22 years off and on in the social services field, I know what it’s like to believe that. But I also know the feeling that nothing you could EVER do would make a difference, and usually I was doing some of the same things.  What was the difference? Usually the WHY of what I was doing got lost. When I tried not to piss people off or to please my boss, I found my work usually didn’t do much of anything to help anybody. When I tried seeing through the eyes of those I was supporting, almost anything could happen.

I’ve worked in an inner-city mission center;  in a shelter for homeless families, with people who had disabilities; men, women, and youth who were being re-integrated into the community; and women dealing with mental illness and addictions. You name it, I’ve probably seen or heard it.

Let’s stick together on the good days and the bad ones–that’s the best way and the only way we’ll change the world. Love and freedom aren’t just words.  We can show the world how it’s done.












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