We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

Even though we didn’t go to church when i was little, Easter was always a fun day, especially when the sun was shining. We did have the turkey meal with all the dressings, And of COURSE, my parents hid colored eggs.

When I went on my own to college, I found friends who believed what I did. We went to church, we did what we could to help others. Easter was also a fun day, but it had much more meaning now.

Fast forward to the future:

church isn’t what it used to be.

people are human–how dare they be human?

Suddenly the joy is no longer in church. Worshiping alone isn’t the same. I miss the foot washing and eating together. I miss being part of a beloved community.

Easter is the day of the Resurrection.

I’m searching for Sunday.

I’m searching for my faith, resurrected.


If you’re searching for something too, please let me know.


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