We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

The second piece of a personal mission statement is, “What will you make, or what service will you provide?” I’ve been trying to figure this out over the past year as I’ve been working on The Sad Cafe Community, and I’m not sure I’ve come up with a complete answer yet. I’ve been working with some wonderful, heart-expanding women on a collaborative e-book with a working title of Serving With Spirit, that I hope will be completed sometime in the fall. It’s for women healers who need support and encouragement in care of the soul. I hope that some form of community will arise from that project that will embrace women healers from all spiritual perspectives. I have designed a course for helping professionals called “Compassion or Codependence: How We Connect in Community” to help them examine their motivations for being in the field and help them respond appropriately when negative feelings arise to the people they are supporting and serving.

Creations/Services: Through The Sad Cafe Community, I create ways (articles, e-books, e-courses, community) to help healers connect with each other and to understand the ways that they interact with their work and the people they support. I also offer coaching to help healers find their best work fit.

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