We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

I was intrigued by the list Maia Duerr gave us–“19 Ways to Make a Living.” Some of her ideas are “outside the box” in ways that challenged me and made me dream bigger.

Becoming a resident at a spiritual center would be wonderful and help me focus on spirituality in my work. Work like that might be more difficult with a spouse and family, but I wonder if there is some way to find a place that would open their hearts and lives to all of us.

I never considered becoming an intern to learn new skills, or at least I never really think of it as being a path to work that will sustain my life financially. Since learning is such a joy and integral part of my life, this would be an amazing “side project” alongside some form of paid work. It would bring me closer to a mentor and supportive community that would help me learn and grow into the work I’m intended to do in the world.

I’ve often thought of becoming a coach or consultant, and that is actually what I identify my goal to be at this point in my journey. It’s often difficult to think of myself knowing things that others don’t, but I know there are parts of my experience that would benefit others in their walks. I’m still exploring what that might look like.

Creating a “side hustle” may very well be the path I take right now, as I seek employment that will sustain my family while I look for some of these answers. Finding work that I can do from my wheelchair that also fits my interest, training, and experience is proving to be more than a challenge. The thought of a “side hustle” is the only thing keeping me going right now.

I was attempting to start my own business, but my real dream is to start my own nonprofit. If I had my “druthers” to do whatever I chose with my life right now, it would be this. There are nonprofits to address every possible need under the sun, but my dream is to help the helpers–the ones who give their very heart and soul to a cause. Who looks after them? Sometimes no one.

In the meantime, I am working with someone to bring their dream nonprofit into the world. She is working to establish a mental health rehabilitation center, and I will be writing grants for the program (something I’ve never done before). I will either get part of the money from the grants we receive or a position once the program is off the ground. This is very uncertain and quite scary.

Another idea that excites me is writing a book and finding a way to get it published. In today’s world, this is much more possible than it was in the past. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and other platforms are other ways to make this happen. Maybe….

Time banks are something I don’t know a lot about, and when I looked on Maia’s linked website, there isn’t one in the area I’ll be moving to. So that’s something I had NEVER considered. Thanks for that one, Maia!

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