We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

OK, yes, I want a practice–that’s how I plan to make my living!! Yeah, SO not what she had in mind. But unfortunately, Maia hit a sore spot with today’s assignment. I’ve never had any kind of regular contemplative/awareness practice except when I was younger and did daily devotionals. As an adult, that kind of commitment doesn’t come easily; but I’ve never been sure why.

Last week someone who only knows me from Facebook posts opened my eyes. She could tell that I am not doing my inner work and told me that I need to heal myself before I try to heal others. If I’m trying to teach others what I most need to learn myself, it seems obvious that I knew that on some level. But I still need to turn inward for a time and do the work that I long for–I need to look at the empty spaces in my heart and soul, try to figure out how they got that way, and learn to fill them from within.

So my challenge is to start some kind of practice. I’m choosing to start writing as a spiritual practice through Fiona Robyn’s e-course Writing and Spiritual Practice. This writing will be over and above the work I do for Fall in Love With Your Work and whatever regular blogging takes place, and it may or may not be posted here on this blog. Its sole purpose is to help me learn to incorporate spirituality into my own life.

Thanks, Maia and Fiona, for helping me turn to this work without shying away.

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