We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

I just discovered a wonderful resource very close to my home, and I need to share it with all of you. Cherith Cottage (pronounced with a k sound) is in Monroe, NC. It is a private cottage for caregivers for overnight respite. Caregivers include those taking care of children/adults with a disability; children with a life-threatening, chronic or terminal illness; aging parents unable to care for themselves.

If you were wondering, Jon and Paula Roncace do this out of the love and goodness of their own hearts because of their own experience with a child who has hychondroplasia (a form of dwarfism). Breakfast and dinner are provided during your stay as well.

The name Cherith is taken from the book of I Kings in the Bible. God revealed to the prophet Elijah that a drought was going to blanket the land in which he lived. When it came to pass, God sent Elijah to the brook named Cherith where He sustained him with water and commanded the ravens to feed the prophet bread and meat every morning and evening.

If anyone in the area is interested, here is the contact info.
Phone: 704-238-0585
Email: cherithcottage@aol.com
Website: http://www.cherithcottage.blogspot.com/

I’d also like to know if anyone has heard of similar resources in their area. People need to know about these places when they exist, and there need to be more of them!!

What do you think? Share!!

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