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Thank you, Sue Kearney, for dropping in to share some of your wisdom today!

Thank you Lana, for asking me to write an article for your people. I’m honored. —Sue

Hello, passionate busy dedicated you! Let’s talk about what you can do to round out your life, and get more of what you really want, love, and care dusted off and put into action.

If you’re at all like me, you have a deep connection to your work, to your business. You put a lot of your heart, and soul, and just plain hard work into it. You show up, every day, for your clients and your prospects. You lovingly craft programs and products to enrich and expand the lives and hearts of your audience.

And yet, you find it challenging to follow through with that same passion and dedication to the areas of your own life that represent your wellness, your time with your loved ones, your friends and community, your creativity, your worship, and your fun (yes I said fun!).

Think about it for a minute, please. There is a law of diminishing returns here. Living a life where all your juice gets poured into your business and work will eventually leave you depleted of that juice. Dried up, to be blunt. I know you want more out of life, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading Lana’s blog.



So, how can you live that juicy well rounded life where your soul is continually replenished and your heart refilled, so that you can keep giving freely and fully to your life’s mission, to what you are here to do, and have fun and zing in your soul in the process?

Here are three steps, three things you can implement right now, that will immediately shift things. For the better.

1. Schedule sacred playtime. Seriously. I mean it. Okay, you can roll around writhing on the floor in resistance and denial for thirty seconds. Go! …

Now. Pick yourself up, and look at your calendar. Week view. (Hmmm, do we need to talk about this? Is it possible you don’t have a calendar, that you don’t have an electronic calendar, and that you’re doing your life keeping track of things on paper, or worse, in your head? Okay now I’m writhing on the floor in agony! … 28, 29, 30, done. If this is you, and you don’t have mastery over how you manage your energy with time, please find someone to mentor you in this area now. Or hire me. In my SelfLoveCoaching program, this is one of the first things you’ll learn, and it will change your life for the better, yo. Okay, mini-rant over, back to scheduling…)

You are going to schedule eight hours a month of sacred playtime. I don’t care how you break it up, except to say that the minimum block of time must be two hours. So, you could have two four-hour blocks, or four two-hour blocks, or some other combination.

This block of time should be distinguished from all the ones that represent normal commitments. Electronic calendars allow you to choose colors. If you have that capability pick a unique color for this. Now schedule it. Eight hours a month, every month.

Here are the rules: You can do anything you like during sacred playtime, anything at all except what’s on your to-do list. You can play with the dog, but you can’t groom the dog. You can take a drive to somewhere beautiful, but you can’t wash the car. You can make art, but it should please be art you make for fun.

Here’s what I’ve done with my sacred playtime this week. On Monday I was at Baker Beach at dawn, honoring the Full Moon and making ephemeral sacred art. And yesterday I went to Muir Woods with a friend and hugged as many redwoods as I could. Took some pictures too.

2. Get connected to some kind of worship. For me, it’s all about the Wheel of the Year, the rhythms of the Moon, the seasons, Mother Earth. I honor the Full Moons (auspicious times to initiate, to shine, to start projects) and the New Moons (the dark time, the time to go inside, to deal with deep healings), the Solstices, the Equinoxes and the sacred days in between.

Worship can look like many things. It can be traditional worship in a congregation. Or solitary worship at your own altar. Or public ritual. Or connecting with nature.

How you worship doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you make the connection. That you relinquish any shreds of belief you might be carrying around that you are in this alone, and that life is pointless.

You are a living breathing person and your gifts are intended to be shared. Do yourself and the universe a favor and get connected to your own purpose. Worship really helps bring this into alignment and correct expression.

3. Buddy up with someone. You don’t have to do this alone. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t; soldiering on alone just makes it harder. Those of you who are solopreneurs, like me, spend a lot of time in your own company. Get connected. Find like-minded businesspeople, or people who match you in some other loving, heart-centered way, and support each other in expressing and manifesting the pieces you aren’t used to honoring and bringing into the light, the ones that make you uncomfortable when you think about them. Those are the bits that will make your heart sing and bring juicy joy to your life. And with a little practice, you’ll find yourself in easy right relationship with parts of yourself that had been closed off for too long.

What do you do to get connected to your soul? To have fun? Please share in the comments, or let me know in an email. You can reach me at Sue [at] MagnoliasWest [dot] com

Love and light!





Sue Kearney is Chief Inspiration Officer at MagnoliasWest, her coaching, branding and web design practice. She is a dancer, DJ, artist, and a maker of kombucha, sauerkraut and herbal medicines. Sue is a student of astrology, tarot, and a practitioner and facilitator of women’s spirituality.

Sue coaches women in business who want to reconnect with and fully express their juicy audacity without losing what makes them successful. She offers a SelfLoveCoaching program, as well as a BrandRefresherReview. Contact her at MagnoliasWest. You can also read her blog, and follow her on Twitter, if you like.





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