We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

Please don’t be scared away by the quality of this video. This is from the TV show “Judging Amy.” Maxine Grey, a social worker who was experiencing extreme stress and health problems, found herself in some unfamiliar and uncomfortable self-care situations–exercise, support groups, and anger management. The video is her final reaction to the minor triggers and gripes of her fellow group members.

She reminds us all that righteous anger is good and brings about just action by those of us who care. Healers and activists see pain that many of us can never even imagine. And those who can imagine it often turn away because it’s just too damn hard to look straight at it.

I’m not suggesting that self-care is inappropriate or that it is ineffective. Sometimes we have to say no to someone else’s broken heart. Sometimes we have to take time out for ourselves to take care of the petty concerns that matter too much in a world that sees too many broken lives.

How can we not be wounded healers when we bear witness to abuse, murder, and other things that only be called evil? I can’t offer solutions–I can only offer a sanctuary to catch our breaths and share each other’s pain so that we can face the world again.

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