We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

This was a fun week! I’m starting a course with Jess Morrow called Invincible Summer and the World Changing Writing Workshop with Pace and Kyeli Smith, and I’ve met some wonderful ladies who are starting this journey with me. Let me introduce you to them.

Jess Morrow, our fearless leader, explains, “When you begin to write truthfully, from your center (that “invincible summer” that exists in us all), you begin to grow an understanding of who you are and what you want.” If that doesn’t reel you in, how about this? “You have the most beautiful voice. Let’s find it together.” She offers a free e-book called “Vocalize: Five Soulful Steps to Writing from the Center” just for signing up for her blog’s mailing list and another one called, “This One’s For the Girls.”  Run, don’t walk, to http://www.jess-morrow.com.

I’ve been following Pace and Kyeli Smith at Connection Revolution (http://www.connection-revolution.com) since before the first WCWW, for which I was blessed enough to receive a partial scholarship. So when they had a pay-what-you-can day, I couldn’t resist. I met several old friends there, to my delight.

My buddy Annie Sisk from Hendersonville, NC (about half an hour from where we’re moving at the end of June) runs a couple of different websites. Her “day job” website is called Pajama Productivity (http://www.pajamaproductivity.com). She also runs a site/blog for women with chronic pain called Trauma Dolls (http://www.traumadolls.com).  Ask Annie what she does:

“I’m a business coach, marketing consultant, and copywriter. I help solo and small business owners make more money by showing them how to get more done (preferably in easy and pajama-clad ways), and how to simplify online marketing (preferably in more efficient, cheap, and non-spammy ways).”

Of course, she would usually say it in more fun ways!

I planned to introduce you to more of these new friends, but I think I’ll save that until next Friday!! Blessings, dear ones!

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