We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

What boat do you need to burn? Danielle talks about a “mythic band of magic-loving Irish folk” who would feel the urge to wander from place to place. When they would arrive in a new location, they would unpack and burn the boat that had brought then to that land.

It’s time for me to burn MY boat. What does that boat look like? What does it represent? I have to burn the boat that has brought me here–that boat is FEAR. I’ve been on that boat since I moved into the real world. I could DO school–but when I had to try to make a life outside academia, I found myself floundering. I had a life jacket, given to me by the faith my family and friends had in me; but as soon as the waves got rough, I begged to be pulled back to safety. The depression that sent me down a path where I got lost for a long time created a fog that made it difficult for the boat to navigate. Now I find myself washed up on a shore that is not a new one–it’s the area I grew up in. I know that this place is only temporary–a place to regroup–but I don’t want to travel to new shores in my old boat. I’m afraid to burn it, but I know that the only way I’ll ever make it to the place I dream of is to make the fear and fog turn to ash.

I’ll keep those ashes in a small place where I won’t forget the places I’ve been, because those places have helped make me who I am. I’ll dream of the day I build my new boat. What will go into building that new boat? Stay tuned….


Keep your eyes peeled for Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions–released April 17.


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