We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

Danielle LaPorte’s Burning Question for this week is “What do you want to revolutionize?” Me? Revolutionize something? With one small voice and one small light?

Danielle says that her heart has a list of things for OTHER people to revolutionize, so she called herself to dig even deeper for answers. So I dug deeper too. Oddly enough, my answers don’t surprise me. But they do call me. They ask me to be more than I can be.

I want to revolutionize the way people are cared for in our society. I want to see more CARING. We so often focus on the day to day tasks that have to be done–paperwork, making sure everything is clean and shiny–that the reason we’re doing everything we’re doing gets completely lost. We forget there are souls behind the numbers and hearts behind the chores. We forget that the people we serve and support have spirits. We lose our own spirits in the process.

I also want to revolutionize how professional people helpers and world changers are viewed. We need to see these people, no matter what kind of “work” they do, as people following a calling, not doing a job. And they need to see themselves that way too. It’s a small shift, but a radical revolution.

May this come to pass one day. May we all choose revolution of some kind. My voice and light are not too small when combined with those of others.

Welcome to my Blogelina friends. If you care to follow me into the next post, I continue the revolution.

Comments on: "What Do You Want to Revolutionize?" (72)

  1. I agree: we need to focus on caring. Caring breaks down barriers.

  2. This is actually something that I have thought about before, what I want to revolutionize. I’m in the process of graduating with a business(ish) degree and I’ve got several friends/family who have recently returned to/finished school. Some of them have sought out careers in healthcare or education, because they felt it was their calling, to be able to help in that way. There are some that don’t understand when I say that my degree is my calling too.

    My passion, what I want to revolutionize, is the way we lead people in organizations. I’ve had the opportunity to lead some great teams and when I see people laugh, or commiserate together, when I see my team have the best time in a rough situation, it ignites something. I decided to go back and finish my degree, because I wanted to be able to elevate what I was doing, to be able to have a degree that could help open more doors for me. At times, I’ve questioned if I am doing it for nothing, if I’ll make the right impact. And then I’ll stumble across someone from one of my old teams online, who is now leading a team of their own, and as we talk, they make reference to something that I taught them and I realize that it is worth it, because it works.

    I’m not into managing organizations because I want to make a ton of money (though that would be nice too!) but because I want to change peoples lives. I’ve had success with those that have worked on my team, but my bigger goal is to lead the leaders, get more people in leadership/management roles to recognize the value, to achieve a different kind of result.

  3. I couldnt agree more. We have to be mindful of other people no matter how fast the world changes.

  4. I want to revolutionize my relationship with my husband. Is that too small a goal? I just feel so distant from him since our son was born. We have good times, but I wish there were more!

  5. I love this! I am working on creating a group for kids to do volunteer and service projects in our community because it is important to me to revoluntionize our children to learn to give and live outside themselves!

  6. You have asked a challenging question. I am passionate about parenting, as a parent life coach. I suppose you could say I want to revolutionize parents who need help in their job.

  7. I would love to revolutionize the education system in this country. I would make college more accessible to anyone who wanted to attend. I’m older now and have a clearer idea of what I would like to do with my life, but now I don’t have the means to do it, what with 2 kids, no job and humongous debt. (I’m not blaming anyone or feeling sorry for myself, it’s just the facts of my life right now.) And unfortunately it’s a sad fact for alot of people.

  8. My family runs a horse rescue and we try our hardest to revolutionize equine welfare in our State. We have made a huge impact in that past couple of years. I would also LOVE to start a Christian Summer Horse Camp for girls ages 10-14. I think these ages are SO important to give them confidence and teach them respect for themselves! I want to revolutionize the way girls think about themselves! They are special enough to wait to have sex, they are smart, they are strong! I have this plan in my head, I just need help from others to make it a reality!

  9. I want to revolutionize the number of homeless pets given up in my community by offering programs that will help keeps pets in their home. The first step I want to take is to open a pet food pantry to help those that have hit hard time. That is my goal for this year.

  10. It is wonderful that you want to make the world a better place. If each of us did our part we’d make a lot of headway.

  11. That’s a great question. I would want to revolutionize politics… 😉 Great article. Thanks for getting us to think about this.

  12. Check out the song by Isaiah Houghton called “The Power of One.” Very powerful!

  13. Being that my world is all about comfort… AMEN!



  14. I completely agree with your post. Too often people are so focused on meeting their own wants and needs that they forget about others.

  15. Great question and deep thoughts. I agree we need to see people more. I feel like I see more and more people dehumanizing others around them and it scares me. When we stop seeing others as human terrible things happen in society.

    I have to think about what I would want to revolutionize. It is a deep question.

  16. Wow – that is a great question… and one that I will have to take some time to seriously consider. I agree with you about seeing more caring — people tend to get so busy with their day to day lives that they forget to take a second to care and to be kind, considerate, and compassionate for those around them. Great post!

  17. There is more joy in giving one’s self to a cause than anything else. I’ve found that joy in my cause, and it has revolutionized me. I’ve grown so much by looking outside myself. Sounds like you have, too. Thanks for the article. Deb

  18. I would like to see daycare workers treated better by parents. I have seen so many parents talk of their care takes at their child’s daycare being as babysitters instead of caretakers and educators. Some parents are so rude to some of the teachers in my child’s daycare and it floors me. These people are taking care of our children.

  19. I hope to revoluntionize how women view their own accomplishments. I like this though-provoking question.

  20. I want to revolutionize human equality. People should know that everybody is just human no matter the condition,

  21. Caring and compassion come to my mind. It would be great if people would just start with these 2. Great post!

  22. Definitely something to think about. As a ministers wife I would love to revolutionize the way people look at church and the church people. To break beyond the stereotypes that a minority places on the majority. Nice post.

  23. I want to revolutionize the way we educate our children and make parents more responsible–putting the power and the responsibility back where it belongs, with mom and dad instead of with the state. I also want to revolutionize what we think of as a school. Homeschooling has done a lot for that, but not everyone has the tools to be able to homeschool . . . I’d like another solution, which I’m working on now.

  24. I hope that one day education in America will be revolutionized. 😦

  25. I want to see education in America revolutionized!

  26. I want to revolutionalize myself, to be a better person, so that my light can shine brighter in this world and be a good example to others, especially my children.

  27. Great post. It is so true that people don’t seem to care about each other as much as they used to. I’m not sure exactly what the cause of that is but I think if people started to care for others more the world would be a much better place. If we would treat other people like family or friends it would make a big difference.

  28. I want to revolutionize my companies. It is time we start to really grow this year.


  29. It is so true… we need more caring!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts… there are always souls behind the numbers and that is what matters! xoxo-Rachel

  30. Becoming an advocate for what you believe works. It may happen one person at a time, but it can happen!

  31. So true that people are so self-absorbed today, myself included at times. If everyone just stopped and did one kind thing for someone each day I think that would make a big difference.

    I love art and I would love to make something revolutionary lol. Maybe someday I will be inspired enough to do it.


  32. I like your thoughts on caring – so important and so easy to overlook in our “me, me, me” society. Imagine what life could be like if everyone cared about others just a LITTLE bit more!

  33. You are right on! And while we are revolutionizing caring, we need to involve our kids so we pass this important value onto the next generation.

  34. If everyone would do their small part, in the area they are in, the world would change overnight. I applaud your efforts.

  35. Inspiring post. One small act of kindness a day goes a long way. It’s an every day effort and easy to set into motion. Something has simple as letting the car trying to merge into traffic in front of you, holding the door open for someone else, assisting an elderly shopper carry their bags to their car.

  36. This brings to mind that old quote my friends and I often said to each other while training and later working with juvenile offenders. “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

  37. I am definitely so guilty of this – getting SO task oriented that I forget the human aspect! Must be my type-A personality! 🙂 Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  38. Lanell aka New Jack Sweetie said:

    Awesome! The greatest revolutions usually begin with one person! As an Adult Basic Education Instructor, I’m with you on this revolution!

  39. I could not agree more – we need to take time to think about others and how we can help them.

  40. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of being generous in spirit… sometimes I find myself raging on the inside about something that someone did or said that I perceive as not being caring… I then need to realize that you never know all of someone’s circumstances (even if you know them well) and that I need to offer to remember to be generous in spirit, as well.

  41. Makes me think of God’s Great Commission: to love God and one another! If we could all take that on – it truly would revolutionize the world. Sorry to say, we are all human have free will! Oh well…one person at a time.

  42. Love is definitely something that is missing in today’s world. Too much greed which leaves people out.

  43. Excellent post. We just all need to do our part. make the world a better place. Those things we’ve all heard before, but would make such a change.

  44. Tonia @TheChattyMomma said:

    Looking forward to visiting often and reading more posts. Glad to see someone caring for others!

  45. This is a really great topic that I often wonder about and sometimes even forget myself. We all seem to work ourselves to the bone and forget why exactly we are doing it and how.

  46. More caring is definitely a great need! Just treating everyone you encounter with respect and a smile will go a long way!

  47. I want to revolutionize how children’s shows are done. How children are encouraged and not coddled, how they are loved and respected and taught how to love and respect. That’s what my blog and our show is about at the core of it all.

    Great post! Inspiring and it will make people think!

  48. Yes Stop, Think and Care for others and ourselves. Good Post.

  49. I own a retail store. I have customers who have shared so much of their lives with me. Probably more than I should know. I have been asked by people, why do you let them talk so long? I just tell them, they just want someone to talk to. Maybe it’s not good business, but I believe you treat other people they way you want to be treated. We can’t be so busy, that we forget the everyday important things, like caring for each other.

  50. Wow, I loved reading the post and you generated some awesome comments as well! I think revolutions start in the family. . .making deep relationships the most important so we all have an anchor to hang on to.

  51. For me, is how women should continue to care for themselves even though they are busy having a family and caring for the family. We have to learn how to live for yourselves too, not in a selfish way but in an empowering one.

  52. Thanks for this thought inspiring post. I am guilty of not showing compassion, or being caring in most circumstances that irk me. But, I never fully put myself in that persons shoes to see what they’re experiencing. I can come off as cold, but I think in time, I can be more warm if I can let my own personal issues rest aside.

  53. I haven’t thought much lately about revolutionizing anything, but I am going to pick my head up and look around a little and see the service around me. Thanks 🙂

  54. I agree – we need more caring and understanding in the world! I think it would make it a much better place.

  55. I love this! I think my revolutionizing would go along with yours. I want to change the way people view mental illness. I want people to understand it and care for those who have it.

  56. Thank you for the reminder! This is something I have been trying to work on, both with people I meet in public and even in my own home. Sometimes I get so focused on something I tune another person out!

    When out and about you come across so many different people daily and it is easy to just be self absorbed and not even think of showing you care. But it could be as simple as a smile and ask how they are doing. I am going to try and be more mindful of this on a daily basis 🙂

  57. Amen. This is something to think about for sure. Thanks for writing this!

  58. I haven’t really thought of this before reading your blog. I will have to give it some serious thought. Thank you for the inspiriting post.

  59. You make some excellent points. I think many of society’s problems occur because of our hearts. We are so selfish and self-seeking that we only care about ourselves. If we develop a heart of love for others, caring will be a natural outflow and then we have a chance of solving some of society’s big issues.
    I also agree with what you wrote about calling. All honest work is good and should be respected and appreciated equally.

  60. That’s a good question, and such a heavy one too, I think. There are so many things that need revolution it’s hard to pinpoint which one needs it the most.

  61. I agree that we need to revolutionize caring. I would like to add revolutionize selflessness and lessen greed in the world.

  62. I honestly want to be more bold in my faith. More passionate in my parenting and love. And more true to myself. I think if we choose to be true to who we are as individuals instead of constantly conforming to what other people are like to simply be accepted by them – we can be very revolutionary indeed! 😉

  63. Interesting point, I need to ponder this one.


  64. I love when parents encourage young children to become involved in helping those in their community…serving at a homeless shelter meal, picking up garbage in a local playground, choosing to forego an extra present to donate the money to the food bank instead…these are all simple things parents can do with their children…what excellent role models they will be!
    Your post raises excellent questions…so we will all have to look inside our hearts for the answers. 🙂
    Please visit my parenting blog: http://www.viviankirkfield.wordpress.com

  65. That truly is a loaded question. Just like Danielle, so many things come to mind for others to do or how this world should change, but hard to look inward to and find what I need to revolutionize. You’ve given me something to chew on…

  66. Thanks for your encouraging post – to motivate us to not only think about this – but hopefully DO something!
    First I need to revolutionize my house! It’s in dire need of some attention! 🙂
    But as far as the world goes . . . my heart is to pour out an amazing amount of love and be a blessing to all those around me – every day! My heart is to connect the heart of God with the heart of anyone and everyone I meet! He loves them so much – and His love has transformed me into the woman I am today!
    I would love to revolutionize just how people view God, and especially Christianity. I am not religious or into religion (which is all about rules and laws) – but I am in a FANTASTIC love relationship with the most loving being in this universe! His love is not about rules and duties – but about being in a real relationship (like the ones we have here on earth) – and pouring out his unending, unconditional and everlasting love into our lives. It saddens me that so many people who have called themselves “Christians” throughout the centuries have tainted a terrible picture of who Jesus (God) really is. It would be like people having a bad opinion about me, without ever meeting me, soley based upon their viewpoint of others who say they are my “friends”. If those people are bad, others assume I must be too – for hanging out with them. But that wouldn’t be the truth.

    Anyways . . . that’s what I’d love to revolutionize. I want to be a part of a LOVE Revolution – just pouring out love wherever I go. That’s it! 🙂

    Blessings today! And thanks again for this post!

  67. First, I want to revolutionize my family. I want to live in such a way that my husband and children never have cause to doubt they are loved and valued. With my blog, I want to revolutionize the way women think about themselves and hopefully give them the courage to believe they are worth taking care of themselves. I want to revolutionize my own life and live in the freedom Christ secured and live victoriously rather than defeated.

  68. I would love to revolutionize our educational system. It really isn’t made for most children to succeed.

  69. I’d love to see education in America revolutionized! 😉

    – Nicole @ MamaNYC

  70. Great post! I have recently been compelled to return to the old way of doing things. I try to cook most of my meals from scratch, make some of my kids clothes, learn to quilt. I don’t want us to grow as a society but forget where we came from!

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  72. Incredible points. Great arguments. Keep up
    the good work.

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