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Love Letter to Myself

I was trying to think of something creative for today’s post when I remembered something I read recently. Most of us have heard about or even tried the exercise of writing what you want etched on your tombstone, but this is something that is much more immediate. I wish I could give credit to the blogger I got this from, so if any of you happen to recognize this, please let me know.

It’s very simple. We’ve all written love letters to others in our lifetime–our significant others, our children, other family members, and very dear friends. But how many of us have written love letters to ourselves? It sounds really scary, but if you have trouble getting started, focus on ONE thing you can love about yourself.

Here’s my love letter to myself:

Dear Me,

I love that you don’t give up on yourself or on other people. I love that you can’t stop yourself from learning things from any place you can find. I love that you will wait for me to step out into the world until I can silence the voices that try so hard to stop me. I am waiting for another day in hopes of finding new things to love about you.



The last few days have been difficult–but sometimes the hard days are when you need this exercise the most.

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