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Today I want to focus on one resource that was released this week. Sara Carbaugh from http://www.yourcreativeally.com remixed the content from her Chocolate Banana call series into a comprehensive workbook called, of course, Your Chocolate Banana Workbook.

What is a Chocolate Banana (for those of you who didn’t participate in the calls)? Sara says, “Your Chocolate Banana is your one fabulous idea, product, business or adventure that you want to make happen in your life, all rolled up in a nice, neat, delicious package!” Sara produced the workbook for us Creative souls who have a hard time bringing our brilliant ideas into the world without a process to create the plan to birth the brilliance. She walks us through the vision, research, implementation, and budgeting processes of bringing our ideas to life.

One of my favorite concepts found in this book is the Platypus brain. The Platypus is the combination of the “facts and figures” left brain and the right brain guided by intuition.

Quirky, Creative Duck + Organized, Analytical Beaver = Creative Organized Platypus!

Sara says, “logical people who love the arts and want to feel something rather than just go through the motions are Platypus Brains.” She makes being a Platypus brain much less crazymaking since so many people don’t understand others who relate to both sides of the brain at the same time. You can be a platypus too–it is possible to be creative and organized at the same time, and Sara will help you do that.

I’ll share the testimonial I gave for her website, “Life is short–eat dessert first! Come for the chocolate banana, stay for the meat! I loved the concept of the “chocolate banana”! That hooked me immediately. Sara walked us through the meat of the process of finding “your own one fabulous idea” and making it come to life. This girl is the real deal!!”


Full Disclosure: Sara gave me a free copy of her workbook in exchange for my testimonial and review.




Comments on: "Your Chocolate Banana–dessert for the mind!" (1)

  1. Wow, what a fascinating idea. Thanks for sharing. I think I more of a right brain person, but may I’ll try platypus brain on next.

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