We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

I found two very interesting opportunities for virtual connecting this week. The first is for people who are on Twitter. The Twitter Buddy Scheme provides community and support to people who feel alone or are in need of a shoulder to cry on. That means you connect with one or two of your followers on a deeper level. The connections might not happen immediately, but at least you know that when you reach out to your buddy, that person will get back to you when they can–and they will get back to you because they want to, not because of feeling obligated. Check it out at http://twitterbuddyscheme.tumblr.com or follow @TTFOH (The Two Faces of Hope) or @Become_a_Buddy (Twitter Buddy Scheme). The conversation is happening at #twitterbuddyscheme.

Also, I got a newsletter from Brian Gerald Murphy today in which he introduces his new offering Everyday Activism. If you’re reading this blog, you most likely have some interest in activism. Everyday Activism looks at actions that worked/didn’t work on public or private levels. He has used these himself and shares them to help you discover strategies that work for you in your situation and to change yourself and your community, from right where you are. After a 72-hour period in which newsletter subscribers have access to the program at a special rate, he opens it to the public on Monday, January 23 at $18, a special First Edition rate. On January 26, the rate rises to $28. Participants will receive emails on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for four weeks. Check his website (http://www.briangerald.com) on Monday to get in on the deal! Look for him on Twitter at @begeem.

And that’s another Curation Day–blessings and love to you on this January weekend.

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