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Be One of the Quiet Ones

“Many people are good at talking about what they are doing, but in fact do little. Others do a lot but don’t talk about it; they are the ones who make a community live.” –Jean Vanier, Community and Growth

Ever notice how much we talk at each other? We talk about all the things we do to make the world a better place, we talk at the people we’re trying to help, we talk at our colleagues in the work we’re doing. We talk in hopes of convincing others that we’re doing so much, but we’re so busy trying to do that, we never actually get things done.

The people who energize our communities, who accomplish the great things, who are the glue that hold our communities together, are the quiet ones. They’re the ones that would rather just do it without calling attention to themselves. They’re the ones who are the best-kept secrets in any community. Keep your eyes open for the quiet ones, because you generally won’t hear from them, and look at what they do for the community that they are part of. And think about being one of those quiet ones yourself!!

Comments on: "Be One of the Quiet Ones" (1)

  1. So true! We all need to spend less time talking and more time listening and doing.

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