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The Call of Compassion

There’s already a change in the new structure here at The Sad Cafe. There will be occasional posts about my kidney cancer, but I’m replacing the c that represents cancer with a c that represents another value which shapes what I’m trying to do in this community. That is COMPASSION. Compassion is the basis for everything I do and everything I want to do. Yes, I hope that this community I’m developing here will eventually lead to something I can make a living doing. But without compassion, I might as well go work at McDonald’s. Actually, even if I did work at McDonald’s, I’d probably need compassion a whole lot more to deal with frustrated, hungry people standing in line during the lunch rush. We can’t get away from the need for compassion, so why not make it an active, mindful choice?

We’re hardwired to feel compassion toward our fellow man. That’s our calling, our nature. Let’s come together to remember how to do it.

“Compassion is a call, a demand of nature, to relieve the unhappy as hunger is a natural call for food.”
Joseph Butler

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  1. May I suggest further resources to learn more about empathy and compassion.
    The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy
    The Culture of Empathy website is the largest internet portal for resources and information about the values of empathy and compassion. It contains articles, conferences, definitions, experts, history, interviews,  videos, science and much more about empathy and compassion.

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