We can change this world with words like "love" and "freedom."

I’ve told my partner that I’m too old to love the Internet as much as I do. Why would I say that? I’m almost 45, and I love being able to find community with people I’d mostly likely NEVER meet in any other circumstance. I know life coaches, therapists, authors, bloggers. It’s changed the way I view the world and my place in it. My horizons have grown wider, and I would never go back to the way things used to be.

I must admit, though, that finding kindred spirits in “reality” isn’t as easy. We moved to a small town near my mother and sister this summer when we found out I might have cancer. It’s in the same area I grew up in, and I have friends from elementary and high school who still live here. Most of the rest of my family lives fairly close. But I’m finding that we don’t fit with most of them. I find it’s easier to talk to the few people here that we might fit with through Facebook or other social networking. What happened to being friends with people and doing this with them? Part of the issue is my endless fatigue. Even though I’m not working a 9-5 job, I am always EXHAUSTED. All I know for sure is that the world is different–guess it remains to be seen if the difference is good or not.

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  1. Hello,I’m Dee…but the name is not important, is it ?….you see I understand how you feel. It is these kind of connections that mean the most in life. There doesn’t need to be a name or a face…just feelings and connections.

    I am rather introverted…in public that is…but I care so much and love sharing that ! I don’t like being judged because I’m short, I look young, I don’t drive , I’ve been a stay at home mom for 13 years, I’m a few pounds overweight, etc. I hate being ID’d for looking like i’m in my teens but really am 35 ! It’s not fair…people don’t treat you the same when they see you.

    But when people listen,instead of looking,they see you differently. If people see me,they just laugh at what I say or ignore it. When they don’t see me, they listen and complimment my ideas and insights….it’s sad to say that if we were all blind, we would care so much more for eachother…Now this may not be the same for everyone but that has been my experience for this life, anyways.

    Enough about me though…my point is that if the connections you find are visible or not,they are still connections and those are the connections we should value.Those are the connections that mean the most and need to be cherrished…

    That being said,thank you for being open and sharing, for being ONE of those connections for me…I beleive we are just beginning the transformation that is due.Take note of how many people are able to share their feelings that were kept hidden for years…Now is the time for change and soon the need for this veil will deminish…As our energies change we will soon beable to see what is on the inside, right away,then the outside won’t matter anymore…until then,I send a healing prayer your way and hope you find confidence in yourself and know that right now is the right time for the connections you are making, no matter how or where they are made ….Wishing you Much Love and Happiness …Dee

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