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Sitting in the Dark

I’ve had insomnia for many years, and I do a lot of sitting when everyone is sleeping. The darkness used to frighten me. I felt so alone, and it seemed like the sun would never come up the next morning. Sometimes I didn’t think I would make it through the night. Do you ever feel that way?

Sometimes the darkness comes when we’re not expecting it. Sometimes we’re surrounded by people who don’t understand. Sometimes the answers don’t come when we need them to. Sometimes we think we won’t make it through the night. Hold on until tomorrow. It always comes. It ALWAYS comes. Don’t give up. Don’t give into the darkness.

And if you’re not lost and frightened, remember to hold out your hand and your heart to someone who is. Be a light in the darkness. One day it might even be you who needs that hand, that heart, that light.

Comments on: "Sitting in the Dark" (2)

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring post…thanks for sharing what many feel they must keep hidden.

    This shows those out there feeling alone that there are others in need and we can overcome such sorrow and fear.Sorrow is like self-doubt and fear is really a lack of knowledge….but the good news is that we can overcome these feelings…I was once there too…and the greatest gift you can give yourself is the peace that comes with helping those that need you…a simple ray of hope,cast into the darkness !

    Thanks,for showing that it is possible to rise from the depths of sorrow and it can be easier than we think….Much Love…Dee

  2. I remember a night like that. I went through a period of terrifying darkness about 2 years back now. I remember one night in particular when I had a big batch of sourdough and just kept kneading and creating in an attempt to distract myself and get through the night. I finished the piece by morning, and I felt a little better.

    Sometimes we go through waves of difficult emotion, so difficult that we fear we might not survive it, it is indeed so important to not give up, and to know that we will make it through, even if that knowing is only an abstract intellectual understanding at the time.

    I think we all have a shadow like this, and we all need to find the courage to move through it at some point.

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