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Focus Word for 2012

As many of my fellow bloggers have done, after some thought, I have chosen a word to focus my efforts and interactions during the coming year. That word is “connection.” I have stayed somewhat lonely in the past several years, even though I have a wife that I love and adore with all my heart. I have found many old friends through things like Facebook, and I will forever be grateful for that. I’ve had the chance to make amends to some people, but I at least know where others are and can follow them from afar.

I have found them again, but it will never be the same. Those lost years are forever gone. I can’t take anything back, so I have to move forward. That’s where connecting comes in. As an adult, I know how important kindred spirits are, whether they live close to me, or I’ve never met them in person (and probably never will). I’m looking for those kindred spirits. Where? That’s the question I’ve been asking. I’ve almost forgotten how to be friends up close and personal.

Last week I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Kidney cancer is fairly rare and not usually fatal if caught early enough. I guess that’s another “c” word that will shape 2012 for me.

The 4 c’s–connection, community, creativity, and cancer–will be part of this journey for me. I hope some of you will join me.

Comments on: "Focus Word for 2012" (2)

  1. I know it likely means little coming from a complete stranger that only happened by your blog post because we are participating in the same #blogboost challenge with the first of the year, but sorry to hear about the fourth ‘c’ word. I know it is not the same, but reminds me of when this past year when I found out about having MS. Keep up the good positive outlook and best of wishes regarding that last c.

  2. Thank you, Ray. It means a lot coming from somebody who does understand getting not fun medical diagnosis. How is your MS doing?

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