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open your hands and heart

Tad Hargrave, from http://www.marketingforhippies.com, blogged today about resonance in marketing. What a wonderful concept. It speaks to building community in other areas as well, though.

Tad writes:
I want you to think of your favourite cafe or restaurant in town. You know the one. You take all your friends there. They know you by first name. There is so much affection in you for it. It’s a place that resonates for you. You feel like you fit. I bet the first time you ever walked in – you felt like you were at home. ‘These,’ you thought. ‘Are my people.’

I was blown away by that. “My people.” Have you felt that way before? For some people, it’s the family they grew up with. For others, it’s a family of choice. Some are lucky enough to have a workplace that fits them perfectly. Or maybe it’s a church. Only you can answer that question for yourself, but a person’s heart and soul cannot thrive for long without a place where they can connect with THEIR people.

We’re hardwired for connection. That’s part of why we do the kind of heart work we do. We can’t give that kind of connection to others unless we already have it for ourselves. This is your call to reach out. Find it. I hope part of it’s here at The Sad Cafe Community.

I can’t say this nearly as well as Tad. Please go read some of the other wisdom he has to share. Maybe it will resonate with you as well.

Resonance is the lighthouse that draws the ships into safe harbour.

Resonance is when we express ourselves so beautifully and honestly that people can’t help but feel it. Resonance is when we focus more on the quality of the light our lighthouse is putting out and the brightness of it than who might be seeing it. Resonance is preparing your home so beautifully for guests. Resonance is when we follow up with someone, not because they’re an ‘excellent contact to add to our network’ but because they give our heart a pretty little hum when we’ve around them. Resonance is when we trust the universe is a friendly place.

Resonance comes when we can relax and be comfortable in our own skin.

Go in peace and love

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  1. you’re so kind. thank you.

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