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it’s all downhill from here

OK, we’re finished with Thanksgiving weekend–it’s all downhill from here until New Year’s. I know everything gets insane with shopping and parties, but I hope we can all take some time to look back at 2011 and forward to 2012.

Are you happy with what your life has been like this year? Have you done everything you hoped to? I know I haven’t. As the end of 2011 approaches and I sit before my computer, I realize that I haven’t found the community I’ve been looking for. I’m on the fringes of several communities, but for some reason that just isn’t enough.

Then I remember my goal for The Sad Cafe Community. Does anything quite like it already exist? Who are the kinds of people that would belong in this community? How would I go about finding them? Or will they find me?

Are my kindred spirits out there somewhere? Or are they just a dream? As this year finishes, I want to look at these questions. I hope some of you will join me.


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